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Dates: December 1936

Player Characters: The Silver Ghost

NPCs: Hei Lian, Jen-Sha Yung, Pang Ko, Roger Entman

Location: San Francisco


The Silver Ghost investigates reports of a new Chinatown tong, operating under the name of “Black Lotus.”  He discovers that this new tong is led by Hei Lian, a Chinese aristocrat and opium addict who had been kidnapped from the 19th Century and held prisoner by a mad scientist and time traveler (see The Crystal Ship adventure). After being returned to her own time, Hei Lian had overcome her addiction and learned the powers of sorcery, extending her own lifespan.  Her organization in San Francisco was battling the trade in opium and other narcotics, largely controlled by the Silk Noose tong.

Hei Lian, her lieutenant Pang Ko (outcast from the Silk Noose and taken in by the Black Lotus), and the Silver Ghost work together to strike a major blow against the Silk Noose.  Their leader, Jen-Sha Yung, is arrested and eventually deported back to China.

GM’s Comments

This adventure marked the return of Hei Lian, who has become a fixture in the world of the Chamber, a valuable ally to the Silver Ghost and other PCs in the game.

Le Brouillard

Le Brouillard, by Alida Saxon

Jennings Bledsoe, aka Le Brouillard. Art by Alida Saxon.

Le Brouillard, alchemist and man of mystery, was born Jennings Bledsoe on February 2, 1889, in Eureka, California.  His home life was somewhat turbulent and he left home in 1904 at the age of 15.  Not long after he reached San Francisco, he was shanghaied and ended up in Indochina, where he joined the French Foreign Legion.  He remained in the Legion through the end of the Great War, after which he lived in France and Switzerland for a time.  Returning to the United States in the mid 1920s, he settled back in San Francisco.

He has made a lengthy study of the ancient arts of alchemy, and discovered a number of secrets.  Among these are the ability to forge jewels, prolong life and youthfulness (he has not had to make much of these as yet, but he still looks somewhat younger than his 50 years), and the discovery of a potion which, when consumed, transforms his body into a cloud of fog for a time.  Using this, he was able to embark on a career as a crime fighter under the identity of Le Brouillard (“The Fog”).  He has been far less active in this regard in the years since The Silver Ghost and his associates have taken up residence in San Francisco, but he is quite capable of returning to the fight if there is need.

He does business as a lawyer, mostly handling business and civil cases, and is well known and respected within San Francisco and Northern California in this regard.  His studies of alchemy, like his identity as Le Brouillard, he keeps a very close secret.

Appeared in the following adventures:

  • Everything Must Go

Dates: ca. September 28, 1938

Location: San Francisco

Player Characters: Darcy Aisling, Chrismon Yarborough, The Silver Ghost

NPCs: Taylor Forest, Norman White, Marie Laval, Hemet


The Silver Ghost is summoned to the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose by Taylor Forest, who was doing some research at the museum.  The Silver Ghost calls in Chrismon and Darcy to help in the investigation. When they arrive, Taylor explains that about two weeks prior, the assistant curator of the museum disappeared, along with one of the mummies in the museum collection.  Tonight, Taylor found the lead curator murdered and another mummy missing — but she was struck from behind before she could summon help.  When she came to, she found the curator’s body gone and the assistant curator’s decomposing body in its place.

The trio investigate both curators’ offices and discover that the assistant curator had become obsessed with the worship of the ancient Egyptian god of evil, Set, and stole the first mummy, that of Hem-Sutekh, a high priest of Set.  The curator, Norman White, had become suspicious of his assistant’s behavior and attempted to cancel an airline booking his assistant had made, from San Francisco to Cairo.  They also discover that the second mummy which was stolen was Hem-Sutekh’s consort, Lady Sekh-tot.  They go to the airport, where they find the dead — but somehow animated — body of Norman White trying to get the two stolen mummies — plus a drugged and sleeping sculptor named Sandra Lacy — onto an airplane.  In the ensuing fight White’s body is destroyed, the Silver Ghost is injured, and the mummies and living person are rescued and returned to where they belong.

Late that evening, the investigators return to the museum, having learned from deciphered journals that Hem-Sutekh’s will had taken over the curators and that the evil high priest was attempting to bring both himself and his consort back to life by having new bodies created for them.  The will of Hem-Sutekh first tries to possess Taylor, then succeeds in subverting Chrismon’s will.  The investigators go to a warehouse elsewhere in San Jose, where the bodies of the pair are hidden.  There they find a makeshift Egyptian temple, and are called upon by another sculptor, Marie Laval, who claims she was summoned here to sculpt a statue in marble.  Soon after, another Egyptian named Hemet arrives, armed with knowledge of old ways and the Eye of Horus for protection.  The Silver Ghost, Darcy and Hemet drive the spirit of Hem-Sutekh out of Chrismon’s mind and the warehouse.  They then chase down the next body Hem-Sutekh possesses, and eventually drive the evil spirit on to his destiny in the next world.

GMs comments

It has been well over ten years since this adventure was played (in a series of instant message chat sessions), and I have read the transcript plenty of times since then.  But it was only just now, reading it over to write the synopsis, that I realized I had created a major plot (or perhaps more accurately, continuity) hole!  I had stated clearly that the bodies of Hem-Sutekh and his Lady Sekh-tot had been returned to the museum after being taken to San Francisco Airport.  But then I said those same bodies had been hidden in a San Jose warehouse.  Hmm….

Either the players never caught this, or they were too kind to question me and just rolled with it.  I’m not sure I want to know which!

Dates: November 1936

Player Characters:  The Silver Ghost

NPCs:  Janet Rutherford, Marilyn Davis, Roger Entman

Location:  San Francisco


The ghost of Janet Rutherford has become Robert Kane’s mediumistic contact (or spirit guide). She tells him she has found the spirit of the child who died unborn when she was murdered, and asks for help to ensure that child’s safety.  The Silver Ghost follows Janet’s clues, which lead him to Marilyn Davis, a bookkeeper forced into prostitution by the desperate circumstances of the Depression.  The Silver Ghost rescues her, offers her work keeping the books at the soon-to-open Shangri-La Club, and also introduces her to Roger Entman (telling him secretly how he came to find her and of the spiritual identity of her child). Roger, moved by the story, falls in love with Marilyn and soon marries her.


Dates: October 1936

Player Characters:  The Silver Ghost, Tom Simons

NPCs: Roger Entman, Mariko Tashimori, Marina DeValera, The Ancient Kitsune

Location: San Francisco / Japan


The Silver Ghost, Tom Simons, and Roger Entman travel to Japan, where they hunt down and slay the Ancient Kitsune, freeing Mariko Tashimori from the shapeshifter’s curse (or so it appears, at the time).  They also find a large treasure which the Ancient Kitsune had amassed over several hundred years.  Robert Kane uses his share to purchase and open a nightclub.