Items and Artifacts

The Rubies of Rani are a valuable set of jewels, consisting of thirteen teardrop-shaped rubies hanging from a gold necklace. They were believed to come from the trousseau of an Indian princess who died on her husband’s funeral pyre. The legend has it that the jewels came through the fire utterly unscathed, and have been cursed ever since.

They are presently in the possession of William Rutherford, a wealthy San Francisco businessman.

Appeared in the adventure The Rubies of Rani.

The informal name given to the time machine created by Davidon, capable of traveling to any time or place on Earth. The name came from a song by the Doors, and was dubbed by Paula Price, a woman from the 1990s kidnapped by Davidon and taken to the 1930s.

There have actually been two Crystal Ships: