Marlena Fan  

Chinese singer and film star who narrowly escaped death while performing in the Silk Noose Tong’s White Lotus Restaurant.

She is stunningly beautiful, to a degree that it can get her in trouble, as happened when she was performing at the Pagoda Ranch and attracted the attention of Los Angeles gangster Alfred Grove.

Her real name is Fan Hung-Cho (roughly translated as “red silk.”)

Appeared in the following adventures:

Gang leader in San Francisco, a rival of Needles Duncan and of John (Josephine) Powers. Her principal business was (and is) a low-key, high-class brothel. Her nickname comes from her affection for (and some say resemblance to) cats.

Born Socorro Marianela Alvarez in Mexico, sometime in 1910, she came to the United States as a child, working the fields and following the crops with her parents.  She is physically on the small side, but shrewd and determined enough to more than compensate.

She is now paralyzed from the waist down, having been shot by Count von Schellen in a gun-running deal gone horribly awry.

Appeared in the following adventures: