Le Brouillard

Le Brouillard, by Alida Saxon

Jennings Bledsoe, aka Le Brouillard. Art by Alida Saxon.

Le Brouillard, alchemist and man of mystery, was born Jennings Bledsoe on February 2, 1889, in Eureka, California.  His home life was somewhat turbulent and he left home in 1904 at the age of 15.  Not long after he reached San Francisco, he was shanghaied and ended up in Indochina, where he joined the French Foreign Legion.  He remained in the Legion through the end of the Great War, after which he lived in France and Switzerland for a time.  Returning to the United States in the mid 1920s, he settled back in San Francisco.

He has made a lengthy study of the ancient arts of alchemy, and discovered a number of secrets.  Among these are the ability to forge jewels, prolong life and youthfulness (he has not had to make much of these as yet, but he still looks somewhat younger than his 50 years), and the discovery of a potion which, when consumed, transforms his body into a cloud of fog for a time.  Using this, he was able to embark on a career as a crime fighter under the identity of Le Brouillard (“The Fog”).  He has been far less active in this regard in the years since The Silver Ghost and his associates have taken up residence in San Francisco, but he is quite capable of returning to the fight if there is need.

He does business as a lawyer, mostly handling business and civil cases, and is well known and respected within San Francisco and Northern California in this regard.  His studies of alchemy, like his identity as Le Brouillard, he keeps a very close secret.

Appeared in the following adventures:

  • Everything Must Go
Madeline Kane Williams.  Art by Casandra Ciocian.

Madeline Kane Williams. Art by Casandra Ciocian.

The daughter of Stephen Williams, adopted by Robert Kane. She is a fan of The Shadow and an aspiring writer (not without talent, either). She has a strong drive to help those weaker than herself, whether it be rescuing a cat or taking on a bully tormenting her handicapped cousin. She may well end up following in her adoptive father’s footsteps, much to his consternation.

Appeared in the following adventures:

Marlena Fan  

Chinese singer and film star who narrowly escaped death while performing in the Silk Noose Tong’s White Lotus Restaurant.

She is stunningly beautiful, to a degree that it can get her in trouble, as happened when she was performing at the Pagoda Ranch and attracted the attention of Los Angeles gangster Alfred Grove.

Her real name is Fan Hung-Cho (roughly translated as “red silk.”)

Appeared in the following adventures: