Smith Tower

The 38-story Smith Tower, the tallest building in Seattle and on the West Coast at the time of the Chamber game.

If you started in New York you were dealing with the biggest guys in the world. You're dealing with Charlie Parker and all the big bands and everything. We got more experience working in Seattle. 
– Quincy Jones

The great port city of the Pacific Northwest. Gabrielle DeBerardinis-Sabre, Hanna von Schellen and Daniel Evans call it home. The following adventures took place in Seattle, in whole or in part:

  • The Cargo of the Purple Emperor
  • The Magistrate

San Francisco


Coit Tower, built in the early 1930s and a San Francisco icon ever since. This image drawn by Phil Frank and colored by Jamie.

"An extravagant sunset fading so fast that you can't fully enjoy all the work that must have gone into it, a lone white sail fluttering home at dusk past the amber lights of the bridge that only a dreamer could have built, the ceaseless nighttime hum of life and tires and lights and horns in this worldly town that never quite finds time to go to sleep, and then -- the moon rising fast out of the far-off East to beam whitely down on the hills and valleys and restless waters of this tiny city that has no boundaries....San Francisco. Ah, San Francisco."
--Herb Caen

At this time, one of the largest and most prominent cities on the West Coast of the United States, this most cosmopolitan and romantic of cities is home to Robert Kane and his family, Hei Lian, Davidon, Brent Armaville and many others.

The Eel River near Garberville

The Eel River, about five miles south of Garberville.

A logging town near the Eel River, nearly 200 miles north of San Francisco. Rena Anders calls this small place home, and teaches elementary school there.

The real-world Garberville has a small Wikipedia entry.

The following adventures took place (in whole or in part) near Garberville:


 Also known as Shangri-La, Shamballa is the mythic repository of wisdom and final fortress against the darkness at the end of the world, according to Tibetan Buddhist legend. The city is located in another dimension just beside the one we all know, and is accessible through mystical gateways or the Crystal Ship time machine constructed by Davidon.

Shamballa is a beautiful city filled with gardens and remarkable architecture. The technology which can be seen there ranges from the distant past to the far future — indeed, one of the Ladies of Shamballa is apparently a Tetris fiend. The Shamballans have gathered this technology, and all knowledge, learning and culture through the ages, to fulfil their great trust.

Ordinary humans can come to Shamballa, and have several times during the course of the game. At the end of their first visit, their strength of character is tested. If they pass this test, they may leave untouched, but if they fail, they must either remain in Shamballa forever or have their memories of the place removed before they depart.