Player Characters

Description written by the player, Leslie McBride.

You see a shop that you could swear hadn't been there before, but it doesn't look new. The glass in the door bears the words "C. Yarborough, Fine and Rare Manuscripts". You push the door open to the tinkle of a bell. A middle-aged woman looks up and smiles at you, like you're her best customer, then goes back to soft dickering with a resident of the city's Chinatown. Everywhere there are books -- on shelves, in boxes, on the floor. You pick one up, open the cover. "The Modern Prometheus" is written in a fine hand. You put it down quickly.

Name: Chrismon Yarborough

Status:  Active

First Appearance:  Pieces of Time

Player Character Associates:  The Silver Ghost, Darcy Aisling

NPC Associates:  Tim Stokes, Le Brouillard

Age: Middle. Don’t ask for anything more specific. 😉

Appearance: 5’5″, stocky. Short grey hair, blue eyes shading down to grey.

Occupation: Seller, appraiser, translator of books, scrolls, etc.

Marital Status: Apparently single, but doesn’t seek out relationships

Parents/Siblings/Children: None known

Languages Spoken: fluent, English and French; smattering of others, enough to trade in, she says.

Gifts: Sees the threads of time. Not prophecy per se, but can make educated guesses. Tends to be able to look at a person and see who they really are.

Character Description written by the player, A.G.S.

Status: Retired

First Appearance: The Resonant Crystal

Last Appearance: Secrets At the Edge of the Sea

Identity: Lin Tan

Date of Birth: 1910

Player Character Associates: The Silver Ghost, Chrismon Yarborough

NPC Associates: Russel Grey, Kenneth Carson

Description: Stands 5 foot 6 inches, with a light, athletic build. Straight black hair usually pulled back into a knot or braided. A rather disconcerting set of silver-grey eyes, almost too distinctive for disguising.

Talents: Prophecy, investigation.


To most of the world, Darcy Aisling is an orphan adopted by Corwin Wyer when she was an infant and raised as an act of charity to help a friend. The deeper truth of it though, is that she is actually Corwin’s daughter, by way of a mistress in Asia, and the friend is fiction. Both mistress and child were brought back to England, where the condition was Darcy’s mother would never reveal her or Corwin’s blood ties to Darcy. As the child grew, Corwin’s wife began to suspect, but it was never pursued. Safer to keep her status in life and ignore her husband’s suspected philandering.

Darcy did find out eventually. Her mother had known her daughter would manifest the gift, and in secret trained her mind toward that day. Among her first visions was one of the past. She confronted her mother about what she did know, and then learned the rest.

Her mother calmed her enough to keep her from confronting her father then and there. Once past her initial fury, Darcy made plans. She cornered Corwin, and named her price for silence. A little time had made her realize that the satisfaction of exposure would be brief, and destructive to herself as well. Silence however would buy the welfare of her mother, and her own independence. Corwin made a lot of noise at first, but in the end paid. He’d have lost his family, his status, and the place in the banking firm he worked for in London.

Darcy has had no contact with him or the rest of the family since. They imagined she had some kind of falling-out with Corwin. The only one who’s ever attempted to find Darcy was Corwin’s only son. The one tragedy of the deal is that Jeremy had fallen in love with Darcy, never knowing she was his half-sister, and having no one who would tell him the truth.

Regarding her gift, she is able to see the past, and the possibilities of the future with some skill, and has used it for a very specialized purpose. At times Darcy has been a self-proclaimed troubleshooter, reading the possibilities and bringing the best to reality, by whatever means necessary. Its bloodier uses have been in taking down organizations, by clinically analyzing the future, and deciding what needed to be done to topple it, be it assassination or some kind of ambush of its people or resources. She usually undertakes what she can by herself, not trusting in adding more variables. She has done this for governments, for private hire, and at least once for herself.

It however can be quite physically and emotionally draining, depending upon how distant or specific a future, and how much she forces her gift to produce, and always running the risk of mistakes (either from misreading or too many variables). For the latter, she relies also on investigative work to balance it. She has her training in controlling her gift, but at times has been prone to spontaneous visions. Tired, injured or inebriated are the worst times. Forcing her gift is tempting that fate as well. She guesses being more within the realm of the unconscious mind frees her gift from the controls of her conscious mind. It can be mild, or unchecked can cause a dwindling spiral that leads ultimately to madness, where she can’t tell reality from the shadow to find her way back. She has no wish to be the mad oracle spouting prophecy to an asylum’s walls.

How she got into such a dangerous (and some would say criminal) way of life, was sudden at first. As she improved her wealth through the means of her intellect and her gift, so did her status in society climb. In joining new circles, she became exposed to those that made their climb by even more unethical ways. Naturally curious, to the point of obsession at times, she meddled where she shouldn’t have. She got in the middle of a government operation against a particularly powerful Chinese Tong in London. Being half-Asian herself, she was mistaken for a family relation or sympathizer, at the very least. At worst, a member, seeing profit from the rackets. Clearing herself of that assumption brought her into a friendship with Russel Grey, one of the men on the case (who since left policing to position in MI6).

Since then, their friendship has occasionally become more than that, but never serious on Darcy’s part. She doesn’t know Russel’s feelings on the matter and didn’t ask. However, despite years of being pumped for information, giving his advice and assistance when asked, and turning a blind eye to what she does, it says something words don’t. He’s the only one (besides her mother) that knows of her gift, of her own admittance.

There was a lull after the first case with the Tong, which could have ended there, but soon there was something else that urged her to continue. There was excitement in it of course, but about a year later she’d seen the coming of the next World War, without any vision of victory, and the horror of her visions was enough to bring her to do something. She hopes her manipulations of events can slow or lessen the coming war, and the scale and intensity of her efforts grew in time.

She’s garnered quite a few enemies over time, but fortunately she’s managed to dodge most of them. She has her doubts at times on how well she’s covered her tracks. Not that she believes she’s got much in the way of family of friends to use against her should they come to know her real name or her appearance.