Marlena Fan  

Chinese singer and film star who narrowly escaped death while performing in the Silk Noose Tong’s White Lotus Restaurant.

She is stunningly beautiful, to a degree that it can get her in trouble, as happened when she was performing at the Pagoda Ranch and attracted the attention of Los Angeles gangster Alfred Grove.

Her real name is Fan Hung-Cho (roughly translated as “red silk.”)

Appeared in the following adventures:

Ravensward Renewed

Dates: April 20-22, 1938

Player Characters: The Silver Ghost

NPCs: Evan Sabre, Sir Geoffrey Ravensward, Antonio Montoya, Arthur Styles

Location: San Francisco, San Mateo


The Silver Ghost finds himself investigating two distinct and apparently unrelated mysteries: a series of apparently random killings of women across all nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area; and the disappearance of a young archaeologist, Artemis Ravensward, from a hospital where she had just awakened from a deep coma.

While the Silver Ghost is staking out a dance contest in San Mateo (a city located in the county of the same name, the only one which had not yet had a killing), the two mysteries converge in a quite unexpected way. The killer, a deluded adherent of ancient Aztec religion named Antonio Montoya, is being stalked by none other than Artemis Ravensward.  The Silver Ghost captures and subdues Montoya before Ravensward can kill him.  Turning his attention to Ravensward, he discovers that she is not what she seems: while her body is that of the young archaeologist, her mind is that of the dead Evan Sabre, who possessed her comatose (and, in fact, soulless) body in an attempt to do some good on earth in recompense for the evil he had done while alive.

The Silver Ghost insists that Sabre cannot keep Ravensward’s body, despite his noble intentions, and convinces him to return to the spirit world.  When Sabre is gone, the Silver Ghost returns the young Ravensward’s body — now dead — to her grieving father, Sir Geoffrey Ravensward.

Elements of Note

This was the last (to date) appearance of Evan Sabre in the world of the Chamber.  Odds are it will, in fact, be the last, unless I can come up with a really clever way of bringing him back yet one more time…

Gang leader in San Francisco, a rival of Needles Duncan and of John (Josephine) Powers. Her principal business was (and is) a low-key, high-class brothel. Her nickname comes from her affection for (and some say resemblance to) cats.

Born Socorro Marianela Alvarez in Mexico, sometime in 1910, she came to the United States as a child, working the fields and following the crops with her parents.  She is physically on the small side, but shrewd and determined enough to more than compensate.

She is now paralyzed from the waist down, having been shot by Count von Schellen in a gun-running deal gone horribly awry.

Appeared in the following adventures:

Tomorrow Shock

Dates:  early April 1937

Player Characters: Tom Simons, The Silver Ghost

NPCs: Davidon, Needles Duncan, Catwoman Alvarez, Quentin

Location: San Francisco


Tipped off by the Shadow or his agents, Tom Simons and the Silver Ghost enter a San Francisco warehouse where they discover Davidon, attempting to raise funds to build a new Crystal Ship from two notorious San Francisco gangsters.  The heroes foil the plan by starting a firefight.  In the chaos, Duncan and Alvarez escape; Davidon is caught, and the Silver Ghost uses his hypnotic powers to ensure Davidon will not be able to even think about building another time machine.

Elements of Note

This adventure featured the return of the villain Davidon (first seen in The Crystal Ship). His punishment at the end turns out to be the first step on his road to eventual redemption.

This adventure also introduced Needles Duncan and Catwoman Alvarez.  While Needles didn’t last long in the world of the Chamber, Alvarez has, although in a considerably less villainous role than was originally conceived.